Friday, October 12, 2007

And so it begins

Hello everyone!! That’s right. The Bell Family is following like a herd of sheep into the blogging world. Here we go, head first!! I, Rebecca Bell, will be your tour guide on this adventure. Now, I think I'll start by giving a little review of things that we did this summer.

Well, summer just finished and we're sad to see it go. We had many adventures, most of which took place in the swimming pool. Eli and Leah both had swimming lessons this summer. Unfortunately, it was hard for them to apply the skills they learned at the community pool to the pool at home. However, Eli did learn how to swim under water and Leah learned how to splash Mommy in the face.

How to play and have fun weren't the only things Eli and Leah learned this summer. They learned responsibility and hard work. That's right, they got their first summer jobs. Lucky for me, the family chauffeur, they both got jobs at the same grocery store.

Ok, ok, we didn't actually make or even let the kids get jobs. Although, I think it will be wonderful when they do get jobs some day. These pictures were taken at a children's museum in Salt Lake City. It's a really cool place. The kids can touch and play with everything because it's all child-size. And don't you think for one second that kept me from playing with all the stuff too!!!!

There were many other adventures of the summer that are too numerous to share in picture form. Some of Eli's favorites were going on vacation with Mama and Papa Bell all by himself, going on his first camping trip with the guys, playing with his friends, and getting bad guys in the back yard. Leah enjoyed Eli's vacation with Mama and Papa Bell as well. She also mastered crawling and grew some teeth. That's some pretty exciting stuff!

This concludes the first portion of the tour through the wilds of the Bell Family. We hope you enjoyed it and will return soon for the next tour. Please visit the gift shop on your way out and leave your comments in the comment box. Thank you and good day!