Saturday, October 25, 2008

In Memorandum

With a heavy heart and an empty mouth, we mourn the passing of the five remaining super cute, girly, nuk binkies. They are survived by their sole owner, Leah May Bell. It was a sad day when Leah's mom and dad decided they had had enough and refused to give her a "beants" at nap time. Leah's mom had grown tired (literally) of waking up in the middle of the night and searching, in the dark, for a dropped beants. The past few months, Leah had only been able to visit beants during sleepy time. Their passing was sudden and unexpected (only to Leah). We will forever carry fond memories of beants and how happy they made one little girl. Their final resting place is the Utah County Landfill. Donations can be made in their memory to the Leah's Next Hard Habit to Kick Foundation.

The following is a little music montage we like to call Leah and her Beants: The Good Years. In order to get the full effect, hum I Will Remember You by Sarah McLaughlin while you look at the pictures.


Which came first? The arts or the crafts?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goofy kids

This is just a goofy picture I found and thought I would share. I love the different expressions on each child's face. Leah's confused, Eli's looking at who knows what, and Noah is thinking, "When are these two kids going to leave me alone?!"

It's getting closer......

15 days left

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tagged: Picture Style

My friend Brittney tagged me on this “picture tag” I thought it was kinda fun!
The rules for this tag are simple. You must drop everything you’re doing and take the following pictures–WITHOUT cleaning up first!

1. Kitchen Sink-I'm glad I did the dishes. I usually don't before I go to bed.

2. Favorite Room-This is where I hang out and relax at night.

3. Fridge-Don't be worried, I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow morning. You want me to pick you up anything?

4. Closet-Not too bad

5. Self-Portrait-Not too bad either :~)

6. What your kids are doing (or spouse, if you don't have any kids)-Eli and Leah are sleeping too, but Noah's the only one, I think, that wouldn't wake up and freak out if I took his picture while he was sleeping.
7. Favorite Shoes-Flipflops, it's the off-season for them8. Bathroom-It's hard to take a picture of the entire bathroom.

Well, that's it. Tag: Sarah B., Shaina and Jessica!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leah's B-Day

SO......I know you're all dying to hear who won the gold star for guessing how many tickets we won at Chuck-E-Cheese. Drum roll please: (insert drum roll sound effect here)

Sarah Burgoyne

She guessed 2000 tickets and she was right. (She was the only one who guessed) Sarah has already received her gold star and I hope she's showing it off to all her friends. As for the rest of Leah's birthday, I'll give a quick rundown, mostly in picture form and that will be all.

Ready? Here we go!!!

Leah, first thing in the morning.
Mike and I decorated the house with balloons and streamers. Thank you Dollar Store! (the best place for party supplies)
Eli "helping" me make the cake.
Don't forget about Noah. He was there too.

One of the coolest presents Leah got was this jewelry box from my Dad. He MADE it. I'm so impressed and jealous that he has all the power tools he needs to make this.

I don't know what to say about this picture other than this better not be signs of things to come.

The gang at Chuck-E-Cheese

This is my brother-in-law, Mark. He won 614 of the 2000 tickets all by himself. He's available for rent for birthday parties and barmitzvahs. Just contact his manager (me) to book a party. There is a six month waiting list, so schedule now!

This is Leah's cake. No, I didn't steal it from a Beehive who's doing her personal progress. I'm not 12; I just have the cake decorating skills of a 12 year old.

Leah wasn't impressed with the cake either.

Poor Noah got caught in the crossfire of all the birthday celebrations. The results were tragic.

These next two picture are not birthday related, but they're cute, so I felt like adding them.

Valuable life lessons

This week in preschool, Eli learned how to weld. What did you learn this week?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Are you ready to RUMBLE!?!?!?!

What an intimidating face!

I took this picture of Noah today and thought, "If Noah were a professional wrestler, he would be the Green Monster, after the big green wall at Fenway Stadium." I had no really good reason for this name except that he's wearing all green and he's big and a little scary looking in the picture. So, for the rest of the day, or however much longer he's going to wear this outfit, I'll think of him as a wrestler and let him put the smack down on his siblings!!

Now, I don't want to leave Eli and Leah out. So, if they were dressed in these outfits and were pro wrestlers, what would their names be? Got any ideas?

Don't be fooled by that smile

Just look at those arm muscles

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Win a free HANDBAG!!!!

I saw this on a friend's blog. Try it out. It won't hurt, I promise. It's from a place called Handbag Planet. They are giving out a handbag every hour for 24 hours on the day they open. I hope I win. And if I don't, I hope you do!!

Just click on the link:

choose a super cute handbag, and hope you win!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tagged about a month ago

Sorry Sarah B. I'm just now getting to your tag. Here it is and if anyone else wants to do this tag, GO FOR IT!!!

20 years ago.....
I had just turned 6
I was in first grade
I don't remember much else

10 years ago.....
I had my learner's permit and was close to getting my driver's license
I was a junior in high school
No boyfriends or "Special Turning 16" types of dates :~(

5 years ago......(this is a big one)
Newly married
Puking a ton
Full-time student at BYU during my senior year
16 hours a week internship at UVRMC as a Social Worker

3 years ago...
Eli was 1 1/2
We were living in a cute little apartment in Provo
I was working at Vantage Point

1 year ago...
Eli was 3
Leah was 1
We were not preventing pregnancy :~) Noah's presence was made known shortly after

This year...
Noah was born and put into the NICU
We moved into the house we're in now
Papa died
Lots of family visiting
Eli's in preschool

Yesterday...(this is where it starts getting fuzzy)
Took Eli to preschool
Did tons of laundry
Picked Eli up from preschool
Took a nap
Made dinner
Went for a walk
Chatted with Mike
Went to bed

Took Eli to preschool
Played with Leah
Decorated the kids' rooms
Picked Eli up from preschool
Played with Eli
Took a nap
Made dinner
Went to Robert's
Blogging, duh!

Play with friends
Take a nap (yeah, I do that every day, jealous?)
Who knows?????

Next Year...
Again, who knows????

My Quirks

I was tagged by my friend Sarah K, therefore, I reluctantly receive and fulfill it.

6 Quirks:

1. I HAVE to put chap stick on my lips right after I brush my teeth.

2. When I make a glass of chocolate milk, I like to keep the spoon in the cup while I drink it.

3. I don't like nuts, but I like Snickers and Peanut M&M's. Those are the only two things I'll eat with nuts in them.

4. I don't put milk on my cereal, but I will have a glass of milk to drink while I eat my dry cereal. (but that's only if I don't have any pulp-free OJ)

5. I like to sleep with socks on my feet. Most people (from what I've heard) take their socks off before going to bed. Often times, I put socks on before I go to bed.

6. I love eating frozen chocolate chips.

And there you have it. Tag, you're it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are you ready?

30 days left

What are you going to be????