Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tagged about a month ago

Sorry Sarah B. I'm just now getting to your tag. Here it is and if anyone else wants to do this tag, GO FOR IT!!!

20 years ago.....
I had just turned 6
I was in first grade
I don't remember much else

10 years ago.....
I had my learner's permit and was close to getting my driver's license
I was a junior in high school
No boyfriends or "Special Turning 16" types of dates :~(

5 years ago......(this is a big one)
Newly married
Puking a ton
Full-time student at BYU during my senior year
16 hours a week internship at UVRMC as a Social Worker

3 years ago...
Eli was 1 1/2
We were living in a cute little apartment in Provo
I was working at Vantage Point

1 year ago...
Eli was 3
Leah was 1
We were not preventing pregnancy :~) Noah's presence was made known shortly after

This year...
Noah was born and put into the NICU
We moved into the house we're in now
Papa died
Lots of family visiting
Eli's in preschool

Yesterday...(this is where it starts getting fuzzy)
Took Eli to preschool
Did tons of laundry
Picked Eli up from preschool
Took a nap
Made dinner
Went for a walk
Chatted with Mike
Went to bed

Took Eli to preschool
Played with Leah
Decorated the kids' rooms
Picked Eli up from preschool
Played with Eli
Took a nap
Made dinner
Went to Robert's
Blogging, duh!

Play with friends
Take a nap (yeah, I do that every day, jealous?)
Who knows?????

Next Year...
Again, who knows????

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Sarah Burgoyne said...

Totally forgot I had tagged you... took me a sec to realize that Sarah B. was me :) I remember 5 years ago, I also remember wondering how you were doing it all :)