Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hata-Wanna-Heen is how Eli used to say Happy Halloween. He says it correctly now, which makes me sad. I love it when little ones say things in their own little, funny way. Well, Halloween has come and gone and I am pooped!!! After making 3 costumes, attending 3 parties and Trick-or-Treating, we got enough sweets to last us til Christmas! We might have to give some of the kids' candy away, just don't tell Eli. If we don't, I might eat it all.

This year, we had three major victories among all the celebrations: 1) I finished everyone's costumes at 10pm the night before the first party, instead of 3am the morning before the first party; 2) My children liked their costumes and wore them every time I wanted them to; 3) It only took 3 or 4 houses for Eli to warm up and decide Trick-or-Treating is fun.

Last year, Eli was a dinosaur for Halloween. My brother and sister-in-law had to chant "Dinosaur Eli" for almost 2 minutes straight before he would get into his costume. As for Leah, I really didn't even try to dress her up because she was only a month old and she screamed every time I came near her with any sort of costume.

As for Trick-orTreating, we almost didn't do it. For the first 3-4 houses, Eli hid and made me say "Trick-or-Treat" and collect the candy. Then, he realized that part of going from house to house is that he gets to ring the doorbells. He really liked that; what kid doesn't? And, he gets candy!! Although, he didn't know what candy he liked, so I picked it out for him. By the end of the night, he was a pro and we were all pooped. There are many big hills in our neighborhood.

Though Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays, I'm glad it's over. The kids looked cute and we all had fun. Now, all that's left is a ton of candy. If anyone has a craving for chocolate, please feel free to stop by. We can help you out with that!

That's one cute little lady bug!!

Garrrr!!! Avast me harties. Ye better be watchin' yar backs or I be making ye walk the plank. Shiver me timbers!!

It's nice to see, that after a long hard day of fighting, this immortal warrior is still a good, solid family man!!

The Haul!!!

My favorite kind of Halloween candy is always kisses!!!