Saturday, May 26, 2012

May Project

Apparently, my version of "nesting" includes building furniture, rearranging furniture, doing yard work, lifting heavy boxes, and being in pain for hours after building furniture, rearranging furniture, doing yard work, and lifting heavy objects. 

I didn't have any projects last month because it took me most of the month to recuperate from having lots of fun times with various family members in town.  But I'm back at it, more or less.  I told Mike not to let me build anything else until after the baby comes because building hurts my back so much!  But that doesn't mean I'm not going to be crafty!!

This project only took me a few hours to build last Saturday, then a few hours on Tuesday to stain and polyurethane.

I really needed a side table at my end of the couch so I can put my nighttime drink and snack somewhere while I watch shows with my sweetie.  I was putting them on the wood floor, but it's so far away and hard for a pregnant lady to reach without getting up....and with getting up.  So I found this plan on this website and just made it a bit taller, and shorter (make sense? less long??).  I already had the top board, the stain, and the poly, so the entire project only cost me about $20 for the rest of the wood and some screws.  Not bad!  It does look a little funny from the end because it is so narrow, but it's a small spot.  Anything deeper would have been too big.  And I can't put it right up against the couch because it's a recliner and I wouldn't have been able to reach the recliner pulling thing.  I plan on getting some cute baskets to put on the bottom shelf to store diapers, wipes, binkies, etc. for when little baby comes. 

May Project #2 should be coming soon and it involves that little white lamp in the picture and its twin which sits on the desk.  Stay tuned!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I just wanted to share a few tidbits from my Mother's Day presents I got from the kids.  In school and at church, the kids filled out questionnaires about me.  I was surprised to see how well they know me.  Here are some of their best responses: (their responses will be in red)

My mother is good at: drawing.
My mom likes it when: I hug her.
When I'm not around, my mother: tries to find me.

My mother is good at: doing her chores. (I'm not so sure that one is true)
When I'm not around, my mother: does her chores, and doesn't usually do fun stuff other than do her chores.
I love it when my mother: does fun things for kindergarten at my house. (This one really made me feel good)

My mother is good at: eating chocolate.
When I'm not around, my mother: eats chocolate
My mom likes it when: I share my chocolate with her.
All of those statements are true.

Eli did this one at school and I had to ask him if his teacher had read it because of his last response that I put here.  Fortunately, he said she hadn't:
My mom is sad when: my sister does not let her do her hair. (so true)
My mom smells like: chocolate.
My mom loves me: anytime!
My mom looks funniest when: she has no pants on!

I loved these presents!  I will keep them forever and I think they will always make me laugh.  I love being a mom!!