Monday, January 28, 2013

Holy construction paper, Batman!!

Noah loves to dress up like a pirate, a ninja, and a super hero.  Lately, he's been wanting me to make him a Batman helmet so he can be Batman.  I kept telling him I had no idea how to make one.  So, to make him happy, I made him a batterang (you know, the bat-shaped thing attached to rope that Batman throws so he can scale the side of a building; didn't you watch the 70's Batman TV series??).  Then the other day, I had a stroke of genius and figured out how to make him a Batman helmet out of construction papaer.  He was so happy!  He wore his outfit for hours, until he got a little too close to Naomi.  Apparently, she took his helmet off and ripped it.  He was devastated.  Darn that baby and her love of ripping paper!  I'll have to make one out of fabric some time soon.  Then perhaps he can combine all his costumes and become Pirate-Ninja-Batman. 

See the super tough, rainbow yarn attached to the batterang?  Noah likes to throw it up the banister and pretend to scale the side of the staircase.

This is his super hero pose.  Watch out super criminals!!

Look what Naomi can do

 I love how the simple skill of sitting up can be so exciting.  Clearly, she's very pleased with herself.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Super Magical

Leah was such a lucky girl on Christmas Eve.  She lost a tooth which meant we got to have two magical visitors in one night: Santa and the Tooth Fairy!!  She was so excited!  She left a note out for the Tooth Fairy.  It said, "Dear tooth fairy I lost another tooth!  I am excited for something else to!  because I get peresents to! Love Leah"  (I copied it exactly)  Apparently, the Tooth Fairy likes to write notes back.  She wrote, "Great job pulling out that tooth!  You are so brave!  Love, the Tooth Fairy  P.S. I got to see Santa tonight.  He left you some cool presents!"

 Not only does the Tooth Fairy like to write notes, she also likes to do puzzles.  There was an unfinished puzzle left on the table that night, and in the morning, it was finished!  The kids think Santa might have helped too!

Pics of the Faves

Leah's first performance

Leah took a dance class this past fall.  She's learning jazz and ballet.  She had her first recital the beginning of December.  She did so well!  It was so fun to watch her.  She knew all the choreography and had no problem performing in front of lots of people.  Here are some pictures of her in her costume.  She loved it.  When she tried it on the first time, she asked, "Mommy, don't I look beautiful?"  "Of course you're beautiful!" is how I responded.  She is beautiful, regardless of what she's wearing. 

Here's a video of one of the dances she did.  It's a little cheesy, but so cute!  This was her jazz dance.  The ballet one was really pretty, but the video didn't come out that great.

She gets to start up again this week.  She's really excited.  I am too.  I loved watching her.  The only sad part is that I don't think she'll go back to playing soccer any time soon.