Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Naughty Naomi

I took these pictures a few weeks ago so I could document all the trouble Naomi is up to.  You can imagine how it's just getting worse, the better she gets at crawling!  I took these all the same day:

She has gotten very good at climbing the stairs.

She loves to eat my hair.

She loves to sort the DVD's.  Apparently she doesn't like that Mike puts them alphabetically; she has her own special way to sort them.

We have to pile pillows under the computer desk so she can't crawl under and mess with stuff. (You can see she's mad because she's been thwarted by the pillows)

Also, not pictured, she likes to eat dirt and chew on rocks.  What a naughty little baby!!  I think I'll spank her bum a few extra times!  That will teach her!