Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goofy kids

This is just a goofy picture I found and thought I would share. I love the different expressions on each child's face. Leah's confused, Eli's looking at who knows what, and Noah is thinking, "When are these two kids going to leave me alone?!"


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Oh boy! can't wait to see you guys! By the way... I did NOT win a hand bag but did you notice how meny women in Utah did! Power of the blog my friend :)

Mike and Shaina said...

Oh, poor Noah. Someday he'll realize that those two kids will never leave him alone - ever - for the rest of his life. That's going to be a tough day for him.

Hannah said...

Ok, so I am just now looking at your blog and finding out that you had a 3rd. Congratulations!