Saturday, December 18, 2010

Apparently I have no idea what's going on!

Noah is so much smarter than I am. Let me give you proof by telling you about some of the conversations we've had recently.

Yesterday morning while smelling the distinct odor of poop in the air:

Me: Noah, are you poop poops?
Noah: No, I'm a boy.

Yesterday evening in the kitchen after he got himself completely wet while playing with water at the table:

Me: Are you all wet now?
Noah: No, no. I'm a boy, not all wet!

This morning right after I got out of the shower:

Noah: Are you naked?
Me: Yes, I'm naked. Are you naked? (he still had his pj's on)
Noah: No, I'm not naked. I'm happy!


Aunt Wynne said...
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Aunt Wynne said...

Apparently not! Don't you know he's just a boy? He should know. Good thing he sets you straight about this stuff. Whew!