Monday, June 20, 2011

I almost peed my pants!

Our little family was invited over to Mike and Shaina's (bro and sis-in-law) for dinner on Friday. We got there and were standing, chatting in the kitchen and Shaina asked me to get some paper plates out of the pantry. I thought, "Well, I have to pee, but I'll just grab the plates first and then take care of that." That was a bad choice because when I opened the pantry, I let out a loud, startled scream! There was a big guy standing in the pantry! Then I let out another scream because I realized that big guy was my oldest brother Will who lives in Colorado. Then I proceeded to jump around and scream for about a minute and scare the kids because they weren't really sure what was going on. Fortunately, I didn't pee in my pants, but I could have; I was that surprised.

Will came to town for a quick visit to pick up a couch my brother Mike was getting rid of and because his family is out of town; therefore, he's unsupervised. We had a really great time playing games indoors as well as outdoors. The kids had a great time playing with him too. They think the uncles are the best!

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Wynne said...

I'm sure Shaina was glad you didn't pee on her floor! Glad you guys had fun!