Friday, November 21, 2014

After visiting ancient Africa, we made a stop in China.  We learned about pictograms and tried our hand at creating our own.  Leah's pictograms are on the right.  The top right is her way of writing family.  The bottom right has a variety of her other pictograms.  Noah's pictograms are in the center, right above Leah's head.  I can't translate them into English.  Perhaps you can.  Mine are on the left.  A few pictograms I'm especially proud of are: Dog,--which is right next to the one for rice (it looks like the dog pooped); dragon--which looks like an angry muppet; cow--which my kids say is really a devil-horned, dog-eared, pig-nosed cow; and sushi--which actually looks like sushi, but is not a Chinese food; it's Japanese.  Oops

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