Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Here is how you set up and play baseball. First, you need four bases. Next you need a baseball bat. Third you need a baseball. Last you need two teams. One team is the batters; the other team is the outfield.The batters try to hit the ball and then run to the first base. Then the next person up to bat hits the ball and runs to the first base and the person on first base runs to second base and so on. When a person is on the last base, the batting team gets a point. Meanwhile, the outfield team is trying to get the batting team three outs. The way the batting team gets an out is the outfield players catch the ball the batter hits or to have the ball in their hand and be touching the base before the batter can touch the base. If the batting team gets out three times then the teams switch. That is how/what you need to play baseball.


Eli Bell

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Ben said...

That is a difficult sport to describe. Nicely done