Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I ate while in PA

There are some delicacies that can only be obtained on the East coast. It's tragic really. Why can't the whole nation partake in the goodness? I don't have the answer to this enigma. I did take the opportunity to provide my taste buds with complete and utter bliss several times while I had access to these geographically restricted items. Here they are. Try not to drool on your computer while looking upon the beauty thereof.
Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Tastykake Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes
Rita's Water Ice--I had the chocolate custard with sprinkles. They have fruity-flavored Italian Ice, but why waste time and money on fruitiness?
Josh Early Dark Chocolate Nonpareils--I actually got to bring some of this home. Surprisingly, I still have some left. I don't know how that's possible.
Friendly's Ice Cream--Really you just need to have their peanut butter sauce. It's sooooo good. I love their Reece's Pieces Sunday
Entenmann's Chocolate covered doughnuts (you can get Entenmann's products at Smith's, YIPPY!!)
Dunkin Donuts--The best is strawberry frosted with sprinkles. I realize this item does not contain chocolate, but trust me, it's so good!
Okay, now wipe the drool from your chin and book a flight to PA. Oh and bring something back for me!


Hannah said...

I love love love Turkey Hill ice-cream. Any flavor. (They had a "pineapple upside down cake" flavor for a limited time and it was pretty much amazing.)It is a far superior ice-cream. Next time I buy some, I'll think of you. We're moving to a small town in Northern Maine this fall and I was thinking just yesterday, "They probably don't have Turkey Hill ice-cream there since only Shaw's carries it down here. Darn it...."

Mike and Shaina said...

One thing the East Coast doesn't have: BYU Chocolate milk. Can you imagine the bliss of a Friendly's Reese's Sundae chased with BYU C milk? Heaven...
I do know a place here to get Tasty Kakes, I always check for the PB flavor when I'm there. Next time I'll pick one up for you!

thetavares' said...

(HUGE SIGH)...east coast food. There's nothing like it. Love Turkey Hill ice cream..Dunkin' Donuts, so yummy!....Friendly's my kids loved! I miss the east :D I know crazy,right? Rissa, missing the east?! It can't possibly be so , but it is :D I'm so glad you were able to go visit family. I'm sure you had a blast. I can't wait to see pics!