Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hoarding: Buried Alive

A while ago, I was in Leah's room and I discovered something pretty disturbing.

Her Sparkle Clothes dolls (this is what she calls her Polly Pockets) seem to have developed a very destructive habit. They are hoarders. Do you see how much stuff is piled into their camper? They don't even have room for their table in there! They are reduced to eating dinner at the table OUTSIDE. I'm really worried for them. They need to resolve this problem soon or one of their neighbors might call the Fire Marshal and report them. They could end up in jail. I recommended that they seek psychological and organizational help for this problem. I hope they are able to find the root of this problem and remedy it soon.

Just as a side you find it at all ironic that these hoarders live in a camper?

1 comment:

Sarah Burgoyne said...

It could be worse there could be like 50 dead cats buried under their ;)