Thursday, November 4, 2010

I did make two other costumes this Halloween...

...and I guess I'll tell you about them.

The first one was Mike's. He likes dressing up for the Halloween work party and he wanted to be something new this year. While I was going through my Halloween decorations, I came across a monk costume I had made for him a few years ago. After lovingly asking him to just be that again, he agreed since he had only worn it to a party at another company, years ago.

Last Thursday, the night before his work Halloween dress-up day, I was just finishing up Eli's costume, assuming that was it for me as far as costume preparation. I was asking Mike if he had everything all set for his costume when I jokingly, and oh, so foolishly said, "Wouldn't it be funny if you shaved your head to look like a monk?" That's when I saw a sly twinkle in his eye appear. He wanted to do it...he wanted to shave his head!

I tried talking him out of it, but it was no use. He used irrefutable reasoning on me. He said, "Becca, sometimes you just need a change." (referring to a change in hairstyle) There was nothing I could say at that point. And there was no turning back. So, we looked up a picture online to see just how it should look. Then, at about 11pm, I sat him down on a chair in our bathroom and did the unthinkable. I shaved a circle in the hair on top of Mike's head!

After I completed the follicle massacre, I could barely look at him. It just grossed me out too much. He apparently got similar reactions at work. Many of his co-workers complimented him on his costume and what they thought was a bald cap he was wearing. Upon closer inspection, they all realized what he had done. Some gasped. Others shrieked. One person almost fainted. But most just laughed. He did win them all over with his dedication to Halloween as evidenced by the number of people who voted for him in the costume contest. He won by a landslide. Having the knowledge of the $50 prize he won made it a little easier for me to look at him when he came home.

Fortunately, we both agreed that he wouldn't keep the new hairdo for very long. That night, I shaved the rest of his head to match the already bald patch. And once again, I find him attractive. His hair is regrowing fast. Soon, I will have something to run my hands over that feels more like hair and less like peach fuzz.

Now, as for the second costume I made, well, that was mine. I went as a Wife-that-seems-normal-but-is-really-crazy-because-she-shaved-her-husband's-head-so-he-would-look-like-a-monk-for-Halloween. Oh, and I put fake spider tattoos on my neck. It was a little abstract, but still accessible, I think.


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Thats awesome, oh man, I almost didnt show Will for fear that he will want to do something similar one day :) I know how much you love running your fingers through Mikes hair so I can imagine the sacrifice on your part.

thetavares' said...

That is completely awesome!! I love it :D He actually looks quite handsome with a bald head : D I shaved Ces' head one didn't look quite as nice when it was done...the bald look is not for him
: / I vowed never to do it again!