Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love to compare

The other day, Noah was sitting in his laundry basket, being silly. As I looked at him, I was suddenly taken back about 5 years to a time when Eli did the exact same thing. Noah was even wearing clothes that Eli use to wear. I knew I had taken a picture of Eli in that exact laundry basket, so I quickly grabbed the camera to catch Noah doing it too.

Now, you get to see the two pictures.


They don't look that much alike in these two pictures, but after looking at some other ones of Eli in order to find this one, I realized that they really do look alike. In the future, I'll have to dress Noah up like Eli in one of his old pictures so I can get another comparable photograph to share.

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thetavares' said...

Love it! I have to start labeling all my pictures because my kiddos look so much alike and where their brothers hand me downs. :) I'm totally impressed that the laundry basket has held up 5 years!! That's amazing! :) Love you Miss Becca!! I miss our phone calls and wal-mart trips :(