Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's so entertaining being a mom!

I just have three quick, funny stories to share. They made me laugh, so maybe they'll make you laugh too. And all three happened on the same day.

1. All three kids really like to put the dish washer soap in the dispenser, so I have to make them take turns. Usually, Noah does it because he doesn't have any chores, but the other day I asked Eli to do it. Noah heard that he wasn't chosen and started to fuss. Before he could get really mad, I asked him to show Eli where to put the soap. Noah loved the idea of telling his big brother how the job is done and he got really excited. I said to him, "Noah, tell Eli what to do." In a really excited voice, Noah then shouted, "ELI, WHAT TO DO!! WHAT TO DO!!"

2. I was playing dolls with Leah and she wanted the dolls to play "Hot and Cold". Her doll went first hiding the object. When my doll started to move to find the object, Leah just kept saying, "Colder... colder... colder." It didn't matter which direction I moved my doll; I kept getting the same response. I told Leah, "That's not how the game works. You can't keep saying colder. The temperature has to change when my doll moves closer to the toy." My doll tried again, moving in different directions. This time, instead of saying colder, Leah said, "Temperature... Temperature." When I asked her what that meant, she said, "Temperature is warmer than cold." Fortunately, by the way Leah was saying the word temperature, my doll figured out where the hidden toy was. We stopped playing "Hot and Cold" after that.

3. I was cooking dinner and I had two ingredients left to add to the soup I was making. I had them ready on the counter next to the stove. Leah came over to where I was standing and asked about the two ingredients. I told her, while pointing to each, "This one's sour cream and this one's heavy cream." Right after I said that, Leah proceeded to pick up the measuring cup with the heavy cream in it. I'm guessing she wanted to see if it really was heavy.


Sarah Burgoyne said...

i'm thinking any soup that calls for sour cream and heavy cream must have been one yummy soup :)

Shaina said...

I love those stories and my guess is that you were making white chicken chili which I also love.

thetavares' said...

Love it! Kids are so funny. : )