Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am so clever

Yesterday, Eli wanted to wear his "How to Train Your Dragon" t-shirt. He also wanted Noah and Leah to wear theirs so they all could be "matchy-matchy". (We like that in our family. It's nerdy, I know.) Unfortunately for Eli, the other two didn't want to. He was really sad about it. He came to me, crying about it and that's when I was struck with a genius idea. I told him to take his dragon shirt off and save it for today. I also told him I knew how to get them to wear their shirts.

When I revealed the plan to Eli, he squealed with delight because he knew it would work. Last night, he and I put the plan into action. First, we went to Noah's dresser and took out all his shirts and even his pajamas and hid them in my closet. Next, we went to Leah's dresser and took out all her shirts and hid them in her closet. Finally, we returned one shirt to each dresser drawer. So in the morning when Leah and Noah went to get dressed, they each had only one shirt to choose. What shirts were they, you ask? Well, the "How to Train Your Dragon" shirts of course.

The result was just as we had planned. The best part was Noah didn't seem to really notice that there was only one shirt in his drawer. He just happily pulled it out and put it on. Leah noticed and made a surprised/laughing sort of noise and then put her shirt on too.

Eli, of course, was happy. And so was I. I discovered a new way to get the kids to wear what I want without a fight!


Wynne said...

Leah's expression is saying "I know what you did!"

The Tavares' said...

Hahaha! I love it. You are very clever! :)

Sarah said...

Now that's a smart idea!