Monday, April 6, 2009

The sleeping prize

Every morning, I award the "Sleeping Prize" to anyone in the house who slept through the night (I never get the Sleeping Prize). It's just a verbal award, but Eli really likes it when I tell him he earned it. This morning as I was driving him to preschool, I told him he got the sleeping prize for sleeping the whole night last night. He, of course, was glad and then added, "Mommy, I get the sleeping prize for last night and you and Daddy and Leah get the Conference Sleeping Prize." ::::BLUSH:::: Yup, that's right. I get the prize (along with my husband and daughter) for sleeping all the way through General Conference yesterday without waking up once! In Mike and Leah's defence, I slept through both sessions and they only dozed through one.

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Michael said...

Also in my defense, I wanted to nap between sessions but was dragged into getting my butt kicked in a card game w/ the folks & Mikey-Shaina. Thank goodness for the internet or the Conference edition of the Ensign. :)