Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Will March Madness ever end?

It's April 1st and there's still so much excitement from March oozing into this month. Unfortunately, my version of March Madness does not include filling out brackets or watching basketball games. It consists of dealing with back-to-back illnesses. Here are our team's stats*:

3 sick kids
2 sick adults
7 colds
24 hours of stomach flu
3 doctor visits
2 hospital visits
15+ breathing treatments (we own a nebulizer now)
6+ loads of throw-up and bugger filled laundry just from this week
6 extremely interrupted hours of sleep a night for the past 3 weeks
2 boxes of used tissues
9 movies we've watched just since Saturday (I have no idea what our grand total for the month is, but it's high)
6 sprinkle doughnuts that I got at the store yesterday to help us make it through the day

How do we compare to your team? I don't know if all of that will get us a good seed, but I feel we're at least a pretty strong contender for the N.C.A.A. Championship**.

An exclusive photo of the team during a warm-up drill. The coach thought eating sprinkle doughnuts would be a great way to prepare the team for the next round of germ fighting. Unfortunately, it didn't help. They hardly ate them at all. That's when you know there's something wrong. Also, Noah wasn't allowed to participate in the warm-ups because he's a baby. But he sure did try to butter up the coach by smiling and looking cute.

*Actual stats may vary. Exact records were unattainable due to severe fatigue on the part of the record keeper.
**Never-ending Child Ailment Association


Sarah Burgoyne said...

That stinks, I hope you guys start feeling better. Sick kids are the worst isn't never ending.
I hope you guys feel better by Memorial Day or we are not coming... seriously... :)

Sounds like the perfect time for a visit from Grammy :)

thetavares' said...

Can I join this? That so sounds like us every winter! We also own a nebulizer. Fun, aren't they?! I hope you all feel better soon. I wish I was there to help!! Good luck, call me when you feel up to it. I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever!! Love you, Miss Becca!!!

Michael said...

Sick kids make me a sad panda.