Friday, October 22, 2010

Eli is a good, good boy!

Now that Eli is in school all day, he gets to have lunch there. Sometimes, he buys the school lunch. In order to prep him for this, I had a long, serious conversation with him about it. I made sure he understood the beauty and deliciousness that is those little cartons of chocolate milk. He did voice some concerns about being able to open them. They can be tricky. I instructed him to try his best and if he still couldn't open it, he could ask a lunch aid.

When he returned home the afternoon after his first school lunch, I asked him about his experience with the school chocolate milk. He confessed he couldn't open it himself, but a good friend aided him. Then he described how delicious it was. He told me that I was right about it and he was not disappointed.

What he said next surprised me. He told me that one day he intended on saving his milk and bringing it home for me so I could have some too. I was very flattered and touched, but I insisted he didn't have to. After all, it is part of his lunch. What kind of mom would I be if I took that from him?

One day recently, Eli came home from school with a twinkle in his eye and slightly heavier back pack. I was a little suspicious, but when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised. Inside, there was a little carton of chocolate milk. He told me he had saved it just for me! What a sweet, little boy!

I enjoyed that chocolate milk! It was just as good as I remembered. Now I wonder, if I gave Eli enough money, do you think he would be allowed to buy two cartons of milk, one for him and one for me?

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