Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interesting application

For Family Home Evening on Monday, we talked about faith. I explained to the kids that faith is hoping for and believing in things that you can't see, but that are real and true. (see Alma 32:21) Then I asked the kids if they had any examples of people who have shown great faith or ways they show faith themselves. Eli immediately raised his hand. Here's what his example was, "I have faith because I believe that there are lots of other kinds of Lego sets that I've never seen, but I know they're real."


Sarah Burgoyne said...

awesome. I love the way Eli's brain works :)

Uncle Ben said...

I think he's got the concept down!

Kenny and Janelle said...

how funny...can't argue with that!

thetavares' said... just love their comments. They make life fun : )