Friday, October 22, 2010

Leah's first field trip

Some friends and I are doing a joy school this year with our three- turning four-year-olds. We didn't want to pay for preschool and figured we can just do it ourselves. It's been going really well so far. Leah loves "going to school".

She recently had her first field trip with preschool. A field trip for joy school is really just us getting together at a predetermined place and playing, instead of teaching a lesson. This particular field trip was to the pumpkin patch. It was lots of fun! Since Eli had fall break at the same time, he got to come along.

Leah made a new friend at the pumpkin patch

The corn maze

Noah really wanted to take this pumpkin home

Noah's sad that I wouldn't let him get the big pumpkin

He eventually decided that his little pumpkin was a good one. He actually carried that little one around for several days. He even slept with it a few times.

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The Tavares' said...

Looks like lots of fun! I loved joy school when I did it back in Cambridge. It made for some really great friendships for the kids and myself :D