Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

On Easter Morning, the kids woke up and found this:

So then they did this:

The puzzle said, "Your baskets are in the bathtub!" They didn't quite get what they were supposed to do at first. I had to basically tell them. Once they got it, they did this:

But the baskets weren't in that bathtub. Fortunately, Leah said, "Let's go check the other bathtub." To that, Eli responded, "What other bathtub?" Since the kids never bathe in our shower, Eli didn't think there was another bathtub. I knew this would trick them and make it harder to find their Easter baskets. Is that mean? Fortunately, they went to the correct bathtub and found this:

After finding their baskets, the kids removed them from the bathtub and did this:

Not pictured: Noah eating all his jellybeans without us knowing.

I hope your Easter was just as fun and a lot less confusing!

1 comment:

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I think Isabelle ate most of her jellybeans in one sitting :)