Monday, April 25, 2011

Preschool Fun

Recently, we had a preschool field trip to our local fire department. Fortunately, it was during Spring Break, so Eli got to tag along. It was lots of fun!! We got to take a tour of the Fire Station, meet some real fire fighters, and even watch one of them slide down the pole! The most valuable part of the experience was when one fire fighter put on his full suit including oxygen mask. It was good for the kids to see what he looked and sounded like. My kids all thought he breathed like Darth Vader. The fire fighters said kids are often afraid of them when they are in their full suits and will hide from them during a fire. Hopefully seeing him all dressed up will help the kids not be so scared.

I highly recommend scheduling a tour and bringing some friends along. The following Monday for Family Home Evening, we had a lesson on fire and earthquake safety. We taught the kids what to do and even practiced. We even set off the smoke detectors (so loud!!) and had the kids practice opening their windows so they can crawl out. Don't worry, we live on the bottom floor. They would actually have to climb up to get to ground level. Now I hope we never have to use this valuable information!!

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Sarah Burgoyne said...

We've been to the fire department several times for preschool but they don't have a pole. I feel a little gypped.