Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Go Green Fire!!

This past Saturday was Leah's first soccer game. I have the privilege of being her soccer coach. At first, I was really worried about accepting this responsibility. Leah tends to be better behaved for other adults. I was expecting her to give me a hard time. Fortunately, that hasn't happened at all and I don't think it will. She has happily participated in practice and she had a great time at her first game.

This was the first soccer game for all of the kids on my team. I had a pretty good idea what it was going to be like. I was expecting something like this:

-All the kids swarm the ball at once
-The ball never really goes anywhere

-No dribbling at all

-At least one kid cries

-At least one kid looses a shoe

-Several kids stop paying attention completely

-At least one kid scores a goal for the other team

-Lots of pushing

-Several hand balls

-Kids dribble the ball in the wrong direction

This is how it really went:

-All the kids on my team paid attention to the game the entire time!

-None of my kids goofed off

-My kids dribbled the ball. Most of the goals they made were on break-aways. My kids dribbled the ball down the field, right into the goal.

-They were all good sports

-Two kids lost their shoes during the game

-One of my kids was "that one kid" that cried just about the whole time

-Unfortunately for the other team, most of their players had a very hard time paying attention and I don't think they really knew what was going on.

-A parent from the other team yelled at a kid on my team and then told me to tell him not to push. I wonder if she noticed that all the kids were pushing. That same parent also picked up a kid from their team and practically swung him at the ball so he would kick it. Psycho!

-No one scored against their own team

-My team actually stopped the ball and turned it around when they were going the wrong way

-There was lots of pushing, but only one or two hand balls.

- We won 12-0 (Leah score 2 of those 12)

I know this is a long post just to talk about one soccer game, but I am so proud of those kids. And I was really surprised! They played so well. It got to the point where I had to hold one of my kids back on defense so we would stop scoring so much. It didn't work, we just kept on scoring. The kids were aggressive (in a good way) and went for the ball every time! I hope they keep it up throughout the entire season!

And now, here are the super cute pictures of Leah in her uniform, playing. She's number 9, the biggest on the team (just like her mother was at that age! and pretty much all the years after that too)

Sarah Burgoyne, please note the complete lack of hair bows!

p.s. I don't know why there are tons of spaces between paragraphs and stuff. I tried to fix it, but stupid blogger just did what it wanted to!


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Leah can come live with us and I will make her some little bows.

Shaina said...

I want to hear more about psycho mom and the comment about hair bows made me laugh.

annie said...

go leah! go becca! go green fire!

ps, my wv is "mulan" and somehow i feel that's appropriate here.

Wynne said...

Leah is so adorable!(Being your clone how could she not be?) The pic of you on your knees in the huddle....my stars....i'd want to just hug all those little cutie pies in their uniforms! Good luck coach! Enjoy!