Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's okay. I'm allowed to do this. I'm an adult.

There's this cool road near our house that no one drives on and it leads down to a huge field. We've gone there a few times to play and lately, Noah and I will take a walk there while the other two are at school. The last time we went, I really wanted to just let our umbrella stroller roll down the hill to see what would happen to it. It was amusing enough that I brought my camera with me when we went today and captured the action. Here it is:

The Start

I promise Noah is not in the stroller. I had to hold him back. He kept wanting to catch the stroller. That would have ruined the whole experience.

I'm impressed by the stroller's course correction. It straightened out all on it's own.

Can you still see it?

And it finally crashed.

A close-up of the crash

Finally, I let Noah go after it.

The stroller didn't go very fast, but it did go far. I think next time, I'll take my double jogging stroller. It rolls a lot faster and smoother. Maybe I can make it to the grass.


annie said...

so after the last few posts, i have to say, the bells do, indeed, rock.

Shaina said...

I feel like those pictures belong on one of those motivational posters, but I'm not sure what the caption should be.