Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Danger Zone

We decided it would be fun to have a little birthday party for Noah since he recently turned 4.  I did it the beginning of August, while my mom was here.  It went really well.  Three of his little friends came.  It was Star Wars themed.  Everyone got a light saber made of a foam noodle and duct tape.

Then they entered the Danger Zone--the backyard, decorated with big red streamer X's.  My kids thought the X's were so cool!  There were some Star Wars Potato Heads set up to do ring toss with.

The ring toss didn't last too long.  It was more fun to just shoot the Potato Heads with squirt guns.

After the ring toss game was destroyed, a bad guy happened to show up.  It's a good thing we had lots of Jedi around with their light sabers and lasor blasters (squirt guns).

Fortunately he was defeated.  We had some water balloons to throw, but they didn't work too well.  They just kept bouncing off the bad guy. 

Unfortunately, three more bad guys showed up.  By the way, my very nice brother helped me with these bad guys.  I drew the storm troopers and Mike drew Darth Vader. 

All the Jedi had to work together to defeat these bad guys.

 After all the fighting, it was time for a snack.  They had chicken nuggets, watermelon and chips. 

 The meal was finished off with snow cones.  Then the Jedi were nice enough to destroy the Danger Zone for me by squirting all the streamers and then throwing them away.  How nice!


Wynne said...

Fun times!!

The Tavares' said...

That is an awesome birthday party! You are so amazing Miss Becca!