Thursday, June 25, 2009

I need a little help

I am trying to find a good place to buy shorts for the summer. I need suggestions. I've already tried Target and Old Navy. Old Navy's shorts are too short or maybe it's that my legs are too long or maybe it's both. Target's shorts made me look like I was 36 instead of 26. I know I'm married with 3 kids, but I'm still allowed to look my age, right? So, where do you buy shorts for a good price? I mean less then $20. Please let me know!!!!


Kenny and Janelle said...

I got my short at aeropostale and Kohl's. They are super comfortable!

Heather said...

Shade in American Fork or the Provo Towne Center. I got super cute summer shorts for $20.

Heather said...

I lied, I don't know if they have one in the Provo Town Center. They do have one in the University Mall.