Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last day of preschool

I think just about every other kid has already finished and I've read the blog entries all about it. Finally, it's Eli's turn to be all done with preschool. I'm so glad! I measured it the other day and found out that since we moved, I've been driving 65 miles a day just to take Eli to preschool. I could have switched him to one by where we are now, but I didn't want to. He had made so many friends and was perfectly comfortable going, so we toughed it out for a few weeks. It's been so good for him!! He's usually a very shy person, but this experience has really helped him in different social environments. He's still not too fond of change though.

Mike and I were both able to go this morning. Since it was totally different from the usual schedule, Eli wasn't happy. He didn't participate in the cute songs the kids had learned for their parents. This is pretty much what he did for the first hour.

After a bit, he warmed up to his usual self. The morning was very fun. Miss Dani (Eli's teacher) put a slide show together for us to watch. We got to do crafts, play outside, have snack and lunch and there was even a fire drill!!!

Eli and his buddy, Benjamin, outside during the fire drill.

Eli and some kids from his class playing outside.

Eli and his teacher, Miss Dani. She was great!!
I'm a bit sad that it's over, but we have new adventures (Kindergarten) not too far in the future. By the way, if you didn't notice, Eli got a new eye patch. It has a picture of a dragon on it. When he wears it, he IS Dragon Fire! He also told the kids in his class that he "ate [his] eye ball with [his] guts." But don't worry, he's growing a new one. I just hope the new one works better then the old one!

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Sarah Burgoyne said...

He IS dragon fire, that's awesome :)