Saturday, May 3, 2008

Here's the answer to all your problems

Having trouble entertaining your toddler? Don't have enough "cool" toys to keep him/her occupied? Well, stop your worrying! I have the solution to all your toddler entertaining needs.

Presenting the patented "Piece of Fluff"
(Studio Audience) :::OOOOOO::::::AAAAAHHHHH::::

Just send 5 easy monthly payments of $29.95+tax to The Bells Rock and you can own your own "Piece of Fluff". It's easy to use and guaranteed* to work! Just put the piece of fluff on the floor and watch the wonder and excitement unfold. Your toddler is sure to be mystified by this creation. Whenever the toddler exhales, the fluff moves. The toddler thinks it's alive, so he/she keeps getting closer, which makes the fluff move more**. Get the idea? GREAT!!! So just send 5 easy monthly payments of $29.95+tax to The Bells Rock and you too can own hours of "Piece of Fluff" fun!


I was having such a hard time entertaining my daughter. She was just bored of all the toys we had. Then, I found the "Piece of Fluff" and our whole world was changed! Now, I just put the "Piece of Fluff" on the floor and I have hours of free time because my little angel is perfectly entertained. It's like having a babysitter on hand, whenever I need it, that only costs 5 easy monthly payments of $29.95+tax. I have recommended the patented "Piece of Fluff" to all the other mommies in my play group. And they love it too!

~Becca, Orem, UT

Act now and you can also receive the patented "Box Elder Bug"--a $50 value--absolutely free! It's sure to occupy your children for hours***!

Don't wait another minute!! Act now, while supplies last!!! Just pick up that phone and call The Bells Rock and start enjoying hours of sheer toddler fun TODAY****! (All major credit cards accepted)
*Product is only guaranteed after the "Guarantee Waiver" is signed.
**Actual results may vary.
***Box Elder Bug will not be replaced if it is squished or otherwise killed while in your possession or arrives to you already dead.
****No refunds or exchanges


Michael said...

Oooooh, can you buy the fluff in bulk? I know a handful of kids in a Primary class that could use some fluff on days where the lesson doesn't take up the entire time.... On another note, for those of you who may be considering a cheaper alternative, NO! BELLYBUTTON LINT DOES NOT AFFECT CHILDREN EQUALLY! Studies have shown that bellybutton lint actually does irreversible damage to their creative development. So don't be a cheapskate, your children are worth it!

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I love it, very creative... but I think I might hold off until it's on the "As Seen on TV" shelf at Walmart for one easy payment of $9.99 :)

Mike said...

Why pay full price for name brand fluff when you can the same quality and value at half the price from our Canadian manufactured fluff?!

That's right! Can't afford the overpriced fluff? By fluff from Canada at only $14.95!!

That's a good deal, eh?

Becca Bell said...

Hey, there's no outside advertising allowed on my blog or in the comments section!

Cesar said...

You always make me laugh, Miss Becca. I sure miss you. I need to check this thing more often. I can't believe how big Leah is. She is so precious. And Eli is so handsome. I can't wait to see you all again. Although it won't be til Christmas time but then we will have new babies to show off and that will be fun. Love ya and hope you are doing well!!