Thursday, May 1, 2008

A budding linguist

The other night, at about 11pm, I had this conversation with Eli. (He was not awake during this conversation, I don't think)

E: Mommy, will you make my blankets stachilous?

B: What? What does stachilous mean?

E: It's when you look at a guy different.

B: Oh.

E: I want you to make my blankets stachilous.

B: Okay.

So, I covered him up and tucked him in. That's all I did, but it seemed to satisfy his request. It's cool that he makes up his own words. I just get a little concerned when he uses those made-up words in the wrong context.

1 comment:

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Sounds like Madelynne, she makes up words all the time and she really seems convinced that they are real. Makes me laugh!