Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween week in review...Finally

So, here's how the week of Halloween went for us. We started off with a party at Doug's work on Monday. There were games, candy, and pumpkin carving. Eli was a pirate skeleton. Noah was just a plain (but very cute) skeleton. Leah was SUPPOSED TO BE a puppy. The boys were just happy with their choices, but Leah was not. Actually, I chose it for her because that's what Eli was when he was that age and since I still had the costume, I thought, "Why not? She likes puppies. She'll love it!" I was wrong!!!!

This picture should give you some idea of how Leah felt about being a puppy.

This picture accurately depicts how she felt anytime I came near her with the puppy costume after that party. She didn't even want me to talk about it.

This is how Noah felt about the party. He didn't get to have any candy or play any of the games. He was just held the whole time by strange, old women.

Eli and I had a good time. This is just ONE pumpkin I carved this year. I'm the only one who does it in my family and I take it very seriously. At dinner before the party, I was sketching out ideas for the pumpkins so that I would be prepared. I'm not joking!

The kids needed to rest and recuperate after the party.

The next day (Tuesday), my dad came into town. He so generously stayed at a hotel with a swimming pool. I love swimming, so I was very excited!!! It just so happens that I don't have any pictures of me swimming, only the kids. Oh darn!

Of course, Noah was there, but he never gets to do any of the fun stuff.

Finally, the big day came. My sister-in-law/friend/former roommate, Shaina, came over to help carve more pumpkins. We had the "help" of a little pirate boy. As you can see, Eli was really excited to dig in and help out.

Noah helped out almost as much as Eli did. And yes, that's my foot. And no, it's not always that shade of green.

Here are my finished pumpkins. Shaina's pumpkin mysteriously vanished. Can you tell which movie character's face I carved?

This was Eli's design.

The pirate skeleton is ready for action!

He comes complete with battle wounds. For those readers who only have daughters, this is what you're missing out on!

Leah ended up being a princess. She wore a night gown over some pj's and a construction paper crown we made about 3 weeks ago. As you can see, the crown has seen better days. The stickers are falling off and it's been repaired in several places. She refused to wear any kind of costume jewelry that she has. Oh well. She loved it though! I guess that's the point.
Off we went! My Mad Scientist Dad came along too!
Unfortunately, the giant snuggle bear had to stay behind.

The Haul

And, as always, Noah was there, but he didn't get to go trick-or-treating. He didn't get any candy. He didn't have any fun. Be patient little one. Your time will come soon enough.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. Mom, is this enough pictures?


Mike and Shaina said...

I love the pictures of Leah in her puppy costume! Those are hilarious! Good week. Although I'm sure you weren't referring to your mother-in-law when you mentioned the strange ladies holding Noah, even though she is the one holding him in that picture, right?

Michael said...

As per the you swimming thing, rumor has it that I would enjoy seeing that. No wait, that's not rumors, that's an absolute fact. (Hintedy hint hint)