Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, here's my post on the movie. I saw it last night with 12 other women. We were all dressed pretty much the same including matching headbands. To put it quickly and bluntly, the movie wasn't fantastic. Edward was terrible and I kept laughing at all his exaggerated facial expressions. Jasper reminded me of Edward Scissor Hands. It was obvious that it was a low-budget flick.

With that said, the secondary characters were great! I would see it again, but hopefully next time I'll be sitting farther back in the theater. I was sitting third row from the front. It wasn't too bad, but I would like to be able to see the whole screen all at once.
What really made the whole experience for me was the pre-movie party. There were themed munchies, a trivia game, and prizes. I even won a prize! It was just nice to have an evening doing something completely girly and frivolous. Reality needs to be replaced by fantasy and play every once in a while.

Don't worry, those aren't real. In my opinion, temporary tattoos make just about any experience more fun!

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thetavares' said...

Wow, Becca! What do your shirts say? I also went and saw the movie. I loved it. Even the cheesy parts like Edwards funny faces. LIke when he first smells Bella. I almost laughed out loud. But it was great nonetheless and I can't wait for the next one. :)