Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eli's 8!!!

Eli turned 8 just the other day and we had a fun-filled day of activities for him. He started off with donuts from the grocery store. He came with me to pick them out because he wanted to make sure he got ones with gummy worms on them. Yep, gummy worm donuts!

Then he opened up some fun presents from us and my parents. That was immediately followed by an hour or so of sledding.

The kids got sleds for Christmas and were FINALLY able to use them. There's a perfect hill near our house that we all played on.

After getting all warmed up from playing in the snow, we played video games for a while. Most of us took a nap after that, but Eli spent the next several hours putting together a very complex Lego helicopter he got as a present.

We started the evening out with a dinner of his choice. He picked pizza with peas and lima beans on the side. I don't understand why, but he (and his sister) love lima beans. Finally we had a family party for him with more presents and dessert. His dessert of choice was banana, blueberry, and strawberry milkshakes and chocolate chip cookies with nuts in them. I have to admit I have never made cookies with nuts in them before. NEVER! I had to ask for advice when buying the nuts, because I didn't know what kind to get. I hate nuts. But it was his day, so I made what he wanted. And of course I took out a few scoops of dough and baked them before putting the nuts in. And I hid them so no one would eat them. He never specified that ALL the cookies had to have nuts in them.


Wynne said...

Happy Birthday Eli! What a fun day! (Rebecca, I never put nuts in my cookies either. Ick. You're my girl! lol)
~~~Aunt Wynne

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Happy Birthday Eli!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a spectacular day! What a lucky kid! Wish my babies would eat lima beans...How do you prepare them? xo