Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eli's 5!!!!

My little Eli turned 5 yesterday. I have a hard time believing it. He's so completely a little boy and no longer a toddler of any sort any more. It's cool, but sad at the same time.

He had a great day. Here are some pictures of the festivities:

Eli being goofy first thing in the morning.

Eli got to have a birthday lunch with two of his best buddies. Can you tell what the theme was? And are you surprised?

Here's some of the guests. Eli was nice enough to let me and Leah invite some friends too.

He even let Noah come to the party, but he was only allowed to eat an apple slice. No dinosaur chicken nuggets for you, Noah!!

The entertainment for the party. (Yes, that's just a few cardboard boxes and lots of tape)

The boys who had the most fun with the entertainment.

Eli's birthday cake. He wanted a red dinosaur. I kept adding red food dye to the icing and it kept looking pink. So, I added some yellow and got this color. It looks pink, but I swear it's orange. I would never make my son a pink dinosaur cake!

Of course there was the obligatory trip to Chuck-E-Cheese. We only won 1,000 tickets this time. Here are some of the spoils.

The proud and strikingly attractive parents of the birthday boy.

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thetavares' said...

Happy Birthday, Eli!! i can't believe he is 5. I remember going to a doctor with and mike late one evening to get him weighed! Do you remember that? Man how time flies!! He is such a cute little man :)