Monday, February 2, 2009

He really does like her!

Eli has been going through a bit of a "I'm too cool to like my little sister" phase. I hate it because she's crazy about him for the most part. After prayer time at night, we give each other hugs and kisses. Leah stands there with arms open, making a kissy noise at Eli and he ignores her. He actually gets in a bit of trouble when he does because we feel what he's doing is rude and hurtful toward Leah. So, the past few nights, he lets her hug and kiss him, but he won't kiss her back. That's okay; we can only ask for so much, right?
Well, this morning, I asked Eli to get dressed for preschool. He groaned at first, but then said, "Hey Leah, want me to help you get dressed?" And that's what he did. She picked out a shirt and he did almost everything else. The only things I did were change her diaper and put her pants on her chubby little legs.
I honestly could not believe he did that. As he was helping her with her shirt, he was explaining the step-by-set shirt removal process. He even demonstrated by taking off his own shirt. What a great big brother he is...most of the time. It was also a big help to me because I was able to take a super fast shower while he was getting her dressed. Now, if I can just get him to do that every morning, I'd be able to shower before 2pm every day!
In the afternoon, Eli and Leah were having some bonding time playing on the computer. Out of the blue, Leah says, "I love you, Eli." Eli responded, "I love you too, Leah."
I was fortunate enough to witness both events today. It was wonderful. Now, next time Eli tackles Leah and rips her to pieces with his raptor claws, I'll have to remind him of today and how much he loves his sister.


Michael said...

I'm glad you caught those moments. It lets you know that he really does care. And now I'm waiting for the next time he gives her grief so I can rub his nose in it...

The Mathews Four said...

What a good big brother! I grew up in the middle of 5 brothers. Most times they teased or I bugged them. But once we hit HS (I was a Soph. and had a brother that was a Junior and one that was a Senior...) and they were my best friends! We all hung out together in the same group of friends. I bet Eli will be such a fun protective brother. But just watch out when one of his buddies try to date Leah. Hee Hee!

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I love it when you catch cute little moments like that, makes parenting worth while :)