Saturday, April 5, 2008


For not falling asleep during the second session of General Conference. Here's the formula:

2 Brownies + 1 Glass cold milk + 1 Four-year-old who doesn't nap = Watching the whole session

I think this can be applied to other sessions as well. I didn't sleep through the first session either, but Leah was also awake, so that adds another factor into the equation. I will be conducting another test tomorrow to see if my hypothesis holds true.

If anyone would like to borrow/have my brownies, milk, or 4 year-old, just give me a call! I'd be happy to help you test out the theory also.


Michael said...

Not a big fan of brownies... Any other food suggestions you could recommend to help one stay awake? How about fritters? ;)

Mike and Shaina said...

The formula helped me stay awake for the second session on Saturday, so that's a second testimony to it's effectivness. However, I know that my Mike had the brownies and the milk and was in the same room with the 4 year old, and he didn't make it. Niether did your husband or the dog, as I remember hearing them all snore in harmony at one point.

kennyandjanelle said...

If you get them a plane ticket to stay w/their Aunt Janelle, I'll take you up on that theory!