Friday, April 4, 2008

Just some cute things

Eli said some cute things yesterday and today that I wanted to share.

Yesterday, while he was going poopy, I was sitting on the couch and heard him call to me. I went to see what he wanted and this is what he said:

E: Mom, I want you to keep me temperature while I go poop.

B: What do you want?

E: I want you to keep me temperature.

B: (pause for a few seconds to think about what he said) Oh, you mean you want me to keep you company while you go poop!

E: Yeah (Followed by a look that said "Duh Mom, that's what I said!"

This morning, I had Eli pick out what he wanted for breakfast. He wanted cereal and I said I wanted oatmeal. I asked him to get the cereal out while I went to the bathroom quickly. When I came out I saw the cereal AND the oatmeal out. This is what he said.:

E: Look Mom, I got out the cereal and the oatmeal for you. I choose the right!

B: Yes, you did choose the right. That was a very good choice! (Followed by me giving him a big hug)

It makes me feel good when he says churchy stuff!

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